The Pharmacy Profession Needs Political Leverage Now More Than Ever!

The pharmacy profession faces tremendous challenges in 2013. There are more than 40 bills related to pharmacy that CPhA is proactively involved with, while the PAC works diligently to educate lawmakers about the pharmacy profession. The PAC Board of Directors is looking to expand its impact on the Legislature by meeting with nearly 40 legislators this year. However, PAC funds are extremely low and we need your help.

Our top priorities include:
  • Provider status for Pharmacists
  • Protecting patient choice in mail-order pharmacy
Our job is to educate legislators on the importance of issues facing the pharmacy profession. This is where the PAC can help. By supporting policymakers who are instrumental in creating solutions, change is possible. To learn more about the PAC, contact Eric Gupta, CPh-PAC Chair.

Your PAC Contributions at This Critical Juncture are More Important than Ever

Help us achieve our goal of $250,000 for 2013. There are several ways to contribute:

CPh-PAC Chair
Eric Gupta

CPh-PAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, voluntary organization. Under California campaign finance law, a PAC is a tightly regulated entity, which must register and file periodic reports required by the Political Reform Act. Election laws prohibit the use of membership dues for contributions to political candidates. PAC’s rely on voluntary contributions and are not tax deductible. PAC contributions from individuals or corporations  are limited to $6,500 per calendar year.