Sunday, April 27, 2014 (8:00am – 9:00am)

You CAN Teach a P.I.G. to Sing — 5 Secrets Pharmacists Need to Know to Become Irresistibly Influential

This program for pharmacists is based on Mary Jane’s popular book, You CAN Teach a PIG to Sing. Mary Jane shares her innovative, laugh-out-loud insights for instantly connecting and getting along with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. And by anyone, she means even those PIGs (Particularly Irritating Guys or Gals) – whether they are customers, colleagues, employees, vendors, or members of your own family. 

During this perspective-shifting signature program packed with memorable stories and examples, everyone in the audience will sit in rapt attention to learn about winning ways to turn around the most resistant, disagreeable, or difficult person and get them working with you instead of against you to create extraordinary results.  

From the P.I.G. Sty to Lasting Performance High – Game Changing Learning Objectives:

  • Deal effectively with even the most difficult customer, colleague, employee, supervisor, vendor, or family member in your life – eliminate the stress and anxiety that come with relationship struggles.
  • Expand your levels of self-awareness – move from unaware to prepared-to-act.
  • Skyrocket your ability to self-manage – stop reacting and start responding.
  • Develop the power of presence – eliminate divides and replace with genuine connections.
  • Generate the outcomes that you want – be run by results, not emotions.
  • Boost your competence and confidence in dealing with less-than-perfect people (everyone, including you)... Resulting in stronger relationships, greater trust, enhanced reputation, less stress, stronger team unity, and increased productivity and profitability.

Face it! Cooperative, productive, mutually rewarding relationships are good business – in fact, they are profitable business! 

Mary Jane Manes, CSP