The California Pharmacists Association invites you to submit your proposal(s) for for student pharmacist programming at its annual educational conference known as West Coast Pharmacy Exchange – April 24-27, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.  

CPhA is continually growing to meet member needs as 
Pharmacist Provider Status has opened a new door for all pharmacists. This year, the aim of our selection committee is to provide programming that deviates from the common didactic format and is more hands-on and interactive.  We encourage presenters to break out of the mold and be progressive with their programming that can extend beyond student pharmacists and draw interest from all pharmacists. Certain forums for this may be but not limited to team based learning, small break-out groups, workshops, role-playing, etc.  Please be creative and consider the most effective way to deliver your important message.

Proposal Submission Dates and Deadlines

Submissions are due to CPhA no later than December 4, 2013.

Notification of accepted proposals will occur on or before December 27, 2013.

CPhA’s Quest for Quality Student Programming

The mission of CPhA’s student pharmacist programming is to provide innovative activities to stimulate student pharmacists’ interests and provide them the knowledge to lead the next generation of pharmacists.

Knowing Your Audience at Exchange

•  Historically the majority of attendees at Exchange are first-time attendees of CPhA’s Annual Meeting, and are in the first half of their pharmacy education
•  Advanced student pharmacists are looking for programs that have not been provided at their schools

Student Pharmacist Interest
Career Focus
• How to prepare for the real world
• Distinguishing between different career pathways
• Projecting the job market landscape
Professional Development
• How to “manage” a patient
• Appropriately evaluating clinical literature
• How to better communicate
- Adjusting level of communication to the audience
- How to effectively provide patient counseling
• Soft skills development
• Leading a team
Personal Development
• How to figure out what I really want to do
• How to manage my finances
• Identifying/managing  strengths and weaknesses
• How to balance school, work, leadership, family, personal, etc

Selection Process

At CPhA, it is the quality and diversity of topics that is important. The collective diversity among our speakers is one of the strengths that CPhA strives for in student programming.  The selection sub-committee will make a conscious effort to identify a robust group of programs that will enrich the learning experience of our many student pharmacists.

Questions to ask yourself prior to submitting your proposal:

  • Is the topic innovative and relevant?

  • Is the session format appropriate?

  • Has the content leader or speaker received positive ratings in the past (if applicable)?

  • Is the session well-organized and designed to meet the varying needs student pharmacists?