The California Pharmacists Association’s Academy of Student Pharmacists invites you to submit your proposal(s) for student pharmacist programming at its annual educational conference known as West Coast Pharmacy Exchange on April 9-12, 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

CPhA is constantly dedicated to providing programming for the development of student pharmacists. After receiving rave reviews from last year’s dynamic sessions, the selection committee will continue looking for 4 ­days of programming that deviates from the common didactic format and is more hands-­on and interactive.

We encourage presenters to strive for innovative programming that can extend beyond student pharmacists and draw interest from all pharmacists. Certain forums for this may be, but not limited to team based learning, small break-­out groups, workshops, role-­playing, etc.

CPhA’s Quest for Quality Student Programming

The mission of CPhA’s Academy of Student Pharmacists programming is to provide innovative activities to stimulate student pharmacists’ interests and provide them the knowledge and skills to lead the next generation of pharmacists.

Session Formats—Changes this year!

We’re listening! CPhA has made changes in session formats this year. All student pharmacist session lengths will be standardized to 75 minutes. While this means there may be fewer opportunities to present longer sessions, we believe this format will be more substantive. If there are topics that need more time, we encourage splitting the presentation into two ­parts. Presentations requiring more time than that should be considered for other education program formats (e.g. workshop) through CPhA.

CPhA is also requesting for presenters to identify and develop educational sessions to the various experience levels of student pharmacists. Please use the guide below:

-­ The attendee has basic level knowledge or practical experience with the session subject area.

Intermediate -­ The attendee has some experience with the session subject area and would like to add to current knowledge.

Advanced -­ The attendee has an advanced understanding of the session subject area and is looking to gain in-­depth information, clinical pearls, and opportunities to share/receive advanced information with others of similar expertise.

Audio-­Visual Equipment

Rooms for all presentations will be set up with a PC laptop (with Office Suite loaded), an LCD projector, a screen, and a microphone. Additional audio visual equipment must be communicated with CPhA in advance for consideration.

Knowing Your Audience at Exchange

• Increasingly diverse population of student pharmacists from first-­time attendees to clerkship participants 
• Advanced student pharmacists are looking for programs that have not been provided at their schools

Student Pharmacist Interests (results based off of 2015 CPhA Exchange Student Pharmacist Programming Survey)
Career Focus
• Introduction to non-­traditional pharmacy careers
• Determining a career pathway
• Legislative advocacy and how that leads to advancing the profession
• Innovative use of technology and other tools in pharmacy practice

Clinical Interests (Top 4)
• Infectious Disease
• Diabetes
• Pain Management
• Drug Development/Pharmaceutics

Professional Development
• Applying clinical knowledge for managing a patient
• Developing communication skills
• Soft skills development
• Project Management
• Keys to networking
• Leadership development

Personal Development
• How to manage my finances
• Identifying/managing strengths and weaknesses
• How to balance school, work, leadership, family, personal, etc

Preparing Successful Proposals/Selection Process

At CPhA, it is the quality and diversity of topics that are important. We encourage presenters to strive for innovative programming that can extend beyond student pharmacists and draw interest from all pharmacists. Certain forums for this may be, but not limited to team based learning, small break-­out groups, workshops, role-­playing, etc. Please feel free to be creative and consider the most effective way to deliver your important message.

The Academy of Student Pharmacists Programming Sub-­Committee and Education Advisory Committee will review collected proposals and make a conscious effort to identify a robust group of programs that will enrich the learning experience of our many student pharmacists. The submission of a proposal is not a guarantee for selection. It is important to remember that all proposals will be reviewed only once. There will be no reconsideration of unaccepted proposals. Therefore, it is important that the proposal, which serves to introduce the body of work, is well written and meets the selection criteria.

Proposal Submission Dates and Deadlines

Submissions are due to CPhA no later than 12 PM Friday, October 10, 2014.
Notification of accepted proposals will occur during October 17-­23, 2014.

Questions to ask yourself prior to submitting your proposal:

• Is the topic innovative and relevant?
• Is the session format appropriate?
• Is my schedule flexible to present during the 4-­day time frame?
• Has the content leader or speaker received positive ratings in the past (if applicable)?
• Is the session well-­organized and designed to meet the varying needs of student pharmacists?

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Pharmacist Development Liaison, Dr. Marshal Abdullah at or (916) 779-4510.

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals must be submitted online. Click the button below to open the proposal form.