Get Involved: Comprehensive Medication Management

CPhA and pharmacists in California have been fighting for Provider Status for years. In 2013, CPhA successfully passed SB 493 (Hernandez), which declared pharmacists as healthcare providers and expanded pharmacists’ scope of practice to provide additional patient care services in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team. 

As the leading advocacy organization in California promoting pharmacy practice, CPhA is proud to promote the next step in bringing pharmacists services to patients. AB 2084 (Wood) establishes a Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) benefit for the Medi-Cal program. A CMM benefit will allow pharmacists to be reimbursed for clinical services, ensuring that patients get the medication services they need from pharmacists. Read more about AB 2084 here.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to contact elected officials about your support for AB 2084. 

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