The CPhA corporate bylaws, adopted in 1970 and amended periodically, identify two governing bodies of the Association – the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates. The bylaws divide authority between these two volunteer groups, assigning responsibility for establishing association policy to the House of Delegates and giving the Board of Trustees responsibility for implementing policy and leading CPhA’s corporate activities.

Members of the Board of Trustees are elected to leadership positions by the membership and are charged with developing the vision, strategy and fiscally oversight of the organization. The Board of Trustees, along with CPhA committees, taskforces, and academies, builds leadership skills in our members.


The 2013 CPhA Board of Trustees

Pat Person

Kathy Hill-Besinque

Immediate Past President
Doug Hillblom

Jon Roth, CEO, CPhA

Edward Sherman

Speaker of the House
Edlen Wong

Rachel Sperling

Trustee at Large
Sarah McBane

Region 1 Trustee
Don Lazzaretto

Region 2 Trustee
Veronica Bandy

Region 3 Trustee
Shirley Fender

Region 4 Trustee
Gary Basrai

Region 5 Trustee
Jeff Shinoda

Region 6 Trustee
Roger Klotz

Region 7 Trustee
Ken Thai

Region 8 Trustee
Sarah McBane

Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Trustee
Jerra Banwarth

Academy of Employee Pharmacists Trustee
Adam Kaye

Academy of Health-System Pharmacists Trustee
Helen Park

Academy of Long Term Care Trustee
Larry Reis

Academy of Managed Care Trustee
Johanna Liu

Academy of Pharmacy Educators Trustee
Karl Hess

Academy of Pharmacy Owners Trustee
I.R. Patel

Academy of Pharmacy Technicians Trustee
Erin Michael

UCSF Board Representative
David Yu

UCSD Board Representative
Katie Meunier

USC Board Representative
Ying Long

Loma Linda Board Representative
Michelle Adia

Western University Board Representative
Teresa Pak

Touro University Board Representative
Steven Van

University of the Pacific Board Representative
Thomas Person

California Northstate College of Pharmacy
Sara Eun Choi