CPhA's Leader Development Institute

*Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2017 Leader Development Institute Program*

Program Overview

In 2013, CPhA partnered with the nonprofit Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute to launch a new, yearlong program with the goal of developing the transformative leaders that CPhA requires to effectively pursue its mission:  “To advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health.” 

What differentiates CPhA’s “Leader Development Institute” (LDI) from many other leadership seminars is its emphasis on self-awareness and discovery, and the deliberate application and practice of leadership skills (vs. simple knowledge acquisition).  While attendance at the four, daylong live sessions is critical, it is really the work that attendees perform in their daily lives between sessions that makes the biggest impact on their lives.  A “Learning Coordinator” and members of a 3-4 person “Learning Pod” support participants in the performance of this interstitial work.   

Learning Objectives
Individuals who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  • Identify and describe at least one previously unrecognized behavior that, prior to this program, had been repeatedly impeding their personal and professional growth & success
  • Explain how they distinguished this behavior and the impact it has had on their personal and professional lives
  • Describe breakthroughs they’ve achieved in personal and professional relationships and performance as a result of their intentional effort to transform the behavior
  • Explain what they are now able to distinguish as their unique personal contribution to the profession/CPhA
  • Utilize alternative approaches to cultivate different behavior to enhance personal and professional activity

For more information about LDI including the program learning outcomes, please click here.


  • Participants in the 2017 program must possess current CPhA membership in one of the following categories:  Pharmacist, Retired Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Associate, or Joint Membership.  Student members in their final year of school are eligible to apply for the program as long as they can attend all four sessions.
  • Applicants must honor a commitment to attend EVERY in-person session:
    • Session I - Wednesday, February 22 preceding CPhA’s WPE Conference in Palm Springs, CA
    • Session II - Saturday, May 20 at CPhA HQ in Sacramento, CA
    • Session III - Saturday, August 19 - Location TBD
    • Session IV - Friday, November 10 preceding CPhA’s Leadership Summit in Southern California (Location TBD)  
    • Leadership Summit - Saturday, November 11 - Sunday, November 12 (optional) in Southern California (Location TBD)


Tuition for the entire yearlong program is $1,850 for CPhA members and $2,250 for non-members. (One year of membership is included in the non-member rate).  For 2017, CPhA is generously providing 18 select participants with scholarships to cover all tuition costs except for a $400 nonrefundable deposit ($800 for nonmembers - this includes 1 year CPhA membership) which must be paid by participants within 14 calendar days of being notified of their acceptance to the program.  Upon successful completion of the yearlong program (which includes attendance at every live session and Leadership Summit), CPhA will apply the value of the deposit (up to $400) towards the graduate’s registration fee for the 2018 Western Pharmacy Exchange.

While tuition includes light meals and refreshments associated with the in-person sessions, participants are responsible for any associated travel, hotel and outside meal costs.  As such, they are encouraged to seek reimbursement or sponsorship from other entities (employer, local association, etc.).

"Leadership itself cannot be pursued but must be ensued through gaining a deep belief in your own worth and with a realistic understanding of your strengths, interests, values and needs. LDI Creates this learning environment that results in complete self-development of accomplished and compassionate practitioners. Through self-discovery, Leader Development Institute allowed me to develop into a practitioner who is prepared to serve, inspire, and lead in the pharmacy profession."

 -Elizabeth Akhparyan, LDI Graduate


Click below to download the 2017 LDI Project Booklet.