Treat yourself to leader development with this training program designed for emerging and established pharmacy leaders throughout California. This year, CPhA's Leader Development Weekend will offer two levels designed to provide a valuable experience to both first-time (Level 1: Fundamentals) and returning (Level 2: Coaching) participants. 

This year’s program will take on a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) structure, allowing participants to apply their acquired leadership skills to a real life challenge affecting pharmacist engagement in the profession. Attendees will be put in teams and assigned a challenge to revisit throughout the weekend as they move through the leader development tracks.

Saturday, November 11
7:00 am   Registration/Breakfast
8:00 am   Welcome/Opening Remarks
Intro to Problem-Based Learning Activity
8:30 am   Joint Session - What Makes a Leader? 
10:00 am    Break
10:15 am Breakout Sessions
11:45 am   Lunch & LDI Presentations
1:15 pm   Breakout Sessions
2:45 pm   Break
3:00 pm Breakout Sessions
4:30 pm   Break
4:45 pm   Day 1 Wrap-Up & LDI Presentations
5:45 pm   Reception
Sunday, November 12
8:00 am   Joint Session - Breakfast with LDI Presentations
9:00 am   Breakout Sessions
10:30 am    Break
10:45 am   Joint Session - Coaching Practicum
11:45 pm   Wrap-Up with PBL Reports & Closing Remarks
12:30 pm   Adjourn

Level 1: Fundamentals Breakout Sessions
This level is for first-time attendees who will learn to "Lead from Within."

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Great leaders seem to have a magical ability to get more from their teams than is humanly possible. Many leaders believe the key to such performance lies in charismatic inspiration, or draconian punishment/reward systems. While those strategies may work for a time, they alone can never produce sustained “superhuman” performance. This session will illustrate the importance of identifying people’s strengths and aligning them with appropriate tasks matched in both type and complexity.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-076-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-076-L04-T (1.5 hours)

Many people pursue leadership because they like the idea of being a leader. Once they become a leader however, they soon realize that there is a big difference between the idea of being a leader and performing the actual work of a leader. Leadership can be fraught with frustrations and disappointments. Many people will question and disagree with a leader’s vision. Furthermore, even those who agree with it may offer to help and never follow through. Challenges such as these can suck the life out of a leader, sapping their will and energy. This program will help participants identify their core elements of enjoyment and leverage them as a source of resiliency to sustain their leadership pursuits.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-078-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-078-L04-T (1.5 hours)

The great management guru Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” But how does one identify what is “right” for oneself? During this session, participants will be led through an exploration of their core values and examine how values can be used to guide the allocation of limited time and resources and to maximize meaning, purpose, and value.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-080-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-080-L04-T (1.5 hours)

Meeting Needs and Aligning Organizational Participation with Personal Values, Interests, and Strengths
Good leaders know an organization' most valuable resource is its people. Great leaders use that knowledge to align their peoples' values, interests, and strengths with organizational goals and priorities. While creating such alignment is important, this alone may not be sufficient to ensure active engagement. In fact, few things can be more frustrating than the inability to take advantage of an opportunity that promises to be meaningful, enjoyable and well-aligned with one’s personal skills and abilities. Frequent sources of such frustrations are competing personal needs, particularly those that appear to be unrelated to one's interests, strengths, or values. During this session, participants will seek to distinguish areas of alignment between organizational activities and personal values, interests and strengths, and identify personal needs that must be addressed to enable active engagement.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-082-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-082-L04-T (1.5 hours)

Level 2: Coaching Breakout Sessions
This level is for returning attendees who will learn to "Lead from Behind."

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For many Americans, the idea of a great leader sparks the image of a self-made successful industrialist like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, or John D. Rockefeller. These individuals were awe inspiring in their ability to envision alternate futures and seemingly bend reality to their personal will. While their “command and control” brand of leadership may have worked in the 19th century, the magnitude of increasing complexity and change in the 21st century is demanding a more complex, multi-dimensional type of leadership; one that complements “Leading from the Front” with an ability to “Lead from Behind.” This workshop will introduce attendees to a type of leadership not built on simply telling others what to do, but on but on coaching them to help identify, develop and leverage their strengths, interests and values to identify their own opportunities and solutions.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-077-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-077-L04-T (1.5 hours)

In addition to the five contexts are many skills and abilities individuals can employ to facilitate effective leading from behind. In this program, participants will learn powerful skills to help followers cut to the chase, identify new perspectives and possibilities, courageously take on daunting challenges, and increase personal accountability.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-079-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-079-L04-T (1.5 hours)

Tony Schwartz, CEO and found of The Energy Project once said "The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings: the body, emotions, mind, and spirit." By the end of this session, attendees will be able to facilitate a dialogue to help followers communicate and clarify their values, interests, strengths, and needs. They will apply conversational techniques to establish accountability and help a follower "forward the action."

UAN: 0113-0000-17-081-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-081-L04-T (1.5 hours)

Joint Sessions

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This year's program will take on a Problem-Based Learning structure, allowing participants to apply their acquired leadership skills to a real life challenge affecting pharmacist engagement in the profession. Attendees will be put into teams and assigned a challenge to revisit throughout the weekend as they move through their leader development track.

Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa were two distinctly different individuals. Yet despite their differences, most would agree they were both very effective leaders. Is it possible that these two incredibly different individuals shared a common set of factors that could be used to define exemplary leadership? During this session, participants will explore whether such factors exist, and become familiar with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute’s (PLEI) five leadership themes and three basic approaches to leadership.

UAN: 0113-0000-17-075-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-075-L04-T (1.5 hours)

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to validate whether an individual’s stated goals are aligned with their personal values, interests, strengths and/or needs. They will also prioritize competing goals and demands while reframing challenges to identify solutions and potential new opportunities. They will then go forward with action and establish accountability around a stated goal.

Part 1 - UAN: 0113-0000-17-083-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-083-L04-T (1.5 hours)
Part 2 - UAN: 0113-0000-17-084-L04-P; 0113-0000-17-084-L04-T (1 hour)


Early Bird Rate
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CPhA Member: $159
Non-Member: $429
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CPhA Member: $319
Non-Member: $589

Registration includes Strength Finders Assessment, CE, and lunch!

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Temecula Creek Inn
44501 Rainbow Creek Rd.
Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (844) 791-6073
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Room rate: $160/night + tax

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Continuing Pharmacy Education

The California Pharmacists Association (#0113) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. Upon completing an evaluation form, participants will be awarded Continuing Pharmacy Education Credits (a total of 10 credits available for each track). A statement of credit will not be issued. Participants may log onto the CPE monitor website using their individual log in to download their statement of credit. Please allow 4 weeks for processing of CPE credits to the CPE monitor.