November 9‐10, 2013
Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa in Dana Point, CA
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Hotel Information: 
Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa
25135 Park Lantern
Dana Point, CA 92629
Discounted hotel room rate $149 (plus tax)
Hotel Reservation number: 800‐228‐9290
Reservation Deadline: October 18, 2013 October 25, 2013

This will be a very interactive and practical program. The core of the program will be 5 CE sessions
(offering 8.5 hrs of CE total). The titles and learning objectives for each session are below.

Get in the Game! Transforming Destructive “Victims” into Productive “Players”
With this session, attendees will be able to compare and contrast statements and behaviors associated with “victims” and “players”, discuss the impact of “victim” statements & behaviors on group dynamics and performance, recognize when an individual is playing the role of a victim, and other skills.

An Honest Look At Leadership In Volunteer Organizations Reconciling What We Believe it should be, With What It Really Is 
With this session, attendees will be able to identify unique challenges related to leadership in a volunteer organization, recognize two unproductive leadership styles common in volunteer organizations, employ the effective use of questions to transform unproductive leadership styles (knower and doer) into styles which engage and empower others (learner and empowerer), and other important components with creating and managing effective teams.

Leadership and Matchmaking
Right Person, Right Task, Right Time

With this session, attendees will be able to summarize the literature describing the relationship between happiness, flow and success, explain a leader’s role in creating opportunities for members to experience flow, and describe the critical role that personal skills assessment plays in the creation and management of efficient and productive leadership teams and organizations.

Four Critical Conversations for Effective Leadership
Michael Conner, Executive Team Leader, Pharmacist-in-Charge
With this session, attendees will be able to employ proven conversational strategies to interest and excite individuals about a new goal, purpose or idea (Initiative Conversations), engage others and facilitate their personal investment in a new goal, purpose or idea (Understanding Conversations), and empower others to take an action or produce a result (Performance Conversations).