“LDI helped me make my previously overflowing plate much less full. I am now less a ‘doer’ and much more an ‘empowerer’; able to effectively inspire and engage others in important work for common goals. I no longer have the need to always be the heroine, and I’m now more interested in making heroes of the people around me. Thanks to CPhA and LDI, I once again feel happy and ALIVE, knowing with a certainty that this is the ONLY way to lead. ”

 -Moje Moradi, 2013 LDI Graduate

Deadline to submit an application is December 29, 2014.
Only 18 spots available for this program - fill out an online application today!

Program Overview

In 2013, CPhA partnered with the nonprofit Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute to launch a new, yearlong program with the goal of developing transformative leaders who possess the ability to maximize and realize the human potential CPhA requires to effectively pursue its mission:  “To advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health.” 

What differentiates CPhA’s “Leader Development Institute” (LDI) from many other leadership seminars is its emphasis on self-awareness and discovery, and the deliberate application and practice of leadership skills (vs. simple knowledge acquisition).  While attendance at the four, daylong live sessions is critical, it is really the work that attendees perform in their daily lives between sessions that makes the biggest impact on their lives.  A “Learning Coordinator” and members of a 3-4 person “Learning Pod” support participants in the performance of this interstitial work.   

For more information about LDI including the program learning outcomes, please click here.


  • Participants in the program must possess current CPhA membership in one of the following categories:  Pharmacist, Retired Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Associate, or Joint Membership.  Student members are eligible to apply for the program as long as they can attend all four sessions.
  • Applicants must honor a commitment to attend EVERY in-person session.  For 2015, these sessions have been scheduled as follows:
  • Wednesday, April 8 in Anaheim, CA (preceding CPhA's WCPE conference)
  • Saturday, June 27 in Sacramento, CA
  • Saturday, September 12 Location TBD (during CPhA's Academies Weekend event)
  • Friday, November 13 Location TBD (preceding CPhA's Leadership Weekend event)


Tuition for the entire yearlong program is $1,850 for CPhA members and $2,250 for non-members. (One year of membership is included in the non-member rate).  For 2015, CPhA is generously providing 18 select participants with scholarships to cover all tuition costs except for a $300 nonrefundable deposit ($700 for nonmembers) which must be paid by participants within 10 calendar days of being notified of their acceptance to the program.  Upon successful completion of the yearlong program (which includes attendance at all four in person session), CPhA will apply the value of the deposit (up to $300) towards the graduate’s registration fee for the 2016 West Coast Pharmacy Exchange.

While tuition includes light meals and refreshments associated with the in-person sessions, participants are responsible for any associated travel, hotel and outside meal costs.  As such, they are encouraged to seek reimbursement or sponsorship from other entities (employer, local association, etc.).

Application Process/Deadline

Only 18 spots are available for 2015, and interested individuals are required to complete an online application.  Only complete applications received before 11:59pm on December 29, 2014 will be reviewed.  Applicants will be notified of their admission decision via email by January 14, 2015.  Until a final determination is received, applicants are advised to reserve the dates listed above for the in-person sessions.


“CPhA’s Leader Development Institute took me off auto-pilot and woke me up. It allowed me to take a step back and see how I was often letting myself be a victim of ‘external’ circumstances. Now I recognize those circumstances as a product of my own choices, and I’m empowered to make different choices based on my personal priorities. After LDI, I’m much more productive, plus I’m having more fun because I know I’m spending my time on what I choose to do.”

-Michael Conner, 2013 LDI Graduate