2014 Recipient, Walter Cathey (center)
This award recognizes a pharmacist for outstanding and continuing activity in the community outside of the profession. The recipient should be a person who has demonstrated how pharmacists can elevate themselves and their profession in the eyes of the public through participation in community civic programs or participation in government activities at the local or state level. The person must be a CPhA member pharmacist and have contributed to the advancement of the profession through his/her activities.


  • Completed nomination form
  • A letter from the nominator to address the criteria and provide specific examples of how the candidate has made significant, influential and sustained contributions to the pharmacy practice in California.
  • Current full curriculum vitae or detailed resume of the nominee.
  • Up to 4 letters of recommendation
  • All letters of support must be signed by the author. Emailed letters must contain an electronic signature.
Submit a Nomination for the Bowl of Hygeia Award 

Award Submission:

Deadline for CPhA to collect nominations is December 31 annually. All awards are submitted for review either electronically or via U.S. Postal Service. Please fill out the online nomination form and send all supporting documentation via email to ktacher@cpha.com. If submitting by mail, please download the nomination form and send along with all supporting documentation to:

CPhA Awards Committee
Attn: Awards Manager
4030 Lennane Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834

Selection Process:
The CPhA Awards Committee is responsible for selecting all qualified award winners, which is based upon careful review of all qualified applicants. Upon receipt of a nomination package, CPhA staff reviews the package for completeness and then forwards on to the CPhA Awards Committee. If the nomination package is incomplete, a CPhA staff member will follow up with the nominator to obtain the missing information.

Bowl of Hygeia Past Recipients

 2014  Walter Cathey 1995
 Alfred Runge
 Dean Reavie

 2013  Helen Park 1994
 John Tilley
 Earl Giacolini

 2012   Melvin Renge, Jr 1993
 Irwin Sitkoff
 Irving Sprugasci

 2011   Pete Vanderveen 1992  Ira Freeman
 Robert McLemore

 Horace Williams 1991
 Fred Hirning
 Steven McCarter

 2009  Chester Yee 1990  Nicholas Ivans
 Charles Brown

 2008  Jeffrey Shinoda 1989  Glenn Yokoyama
1970  John Andrew Foley

 2007  Peter Caldwell 1988  William Wickwire
 Wendell Hill Jr.

 2006  Victor Law 1988
 Edward Mullins
 Norman Rudy

 2005  Ralph Duff, Sr. 1986 
 Lee Owning
 Max Polinsky

 2004  Carlo Michelotti 1985
 Duncan McCarter
 Marie Kuck

 2003  Michael Pastrick 1984 
 Bob Clifford
1965  Kenneth Katz

 2002  Robert Duey 1983
 James W. Barton
 W. Bryon Rumford

 2001  Richard Kane 1982
 James Thompson
 Benjamin Kingwell
 2000  William Altmiller 1981  Joseph Shilling 1962
 George Sargenti    
 1999  Evelyn Geisler 1980  Vern Cross 1961
 Otto Weihe
 1998  David Wilcox 1979
 John Bailey 1960  Joseph MacDonald
 1997  Robert Holbrook 1978
 Robert Hunnell 1959  Joe Mazy    
 1996  Susan McCalla Ornellas 1977
 Terry Grant