CPhA and Mercer (formerly known as Marsh) provide quality insurance programs through "A-" or better rated carriers with excellent customer service. Join the hundreds of CPhA members who benefit from the peace of mind that Mercer insurance programs provide by calling a Client Advisor today at 1-888-926-CPhA, by emailing cpha.insurance.service@mercer.com or visiting www.CPhAMemberInsurance.com.

Highlights of the Program

Business Owner's Package through Allianz
  • Provides members with the professional liability protection they need to grow their business. Preferred Employers Insurance Company enhanced its policy for CPhA members by defining Pharmacy Services as "the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, dispensing, administering, and consulting upon medicines, medical drugs, supplies, equipment or devices used in the treatment of medical disorders and maladies rendered by the insured in the capacity of a pharmacy or pharmacist." This clear definition allows you to practice your profession with a focus on your patients instead of your insurance policy.
  • Many insurers are dropping professional liability insurance protection from their business liability policies or restricting coverage for services like medication therapy, management administration of immunizations or compounding medications for your patients.
  • The Package Program provides property, liability, commercial auto and umbrella coverage. It also includes protection specifically designed for Pharmacies, such as:
    • General Liability Coverage – helps protect you from losses caused by bodily injury or destruction of property suffered by customers on your premises.
    • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage – protects against loss of income from business interruption for up to 12 months, and pays the cost of necessary extra expenses to help keep you in business.
    • Professional Liability – protects against losses related to your professional services as a pharmacist.
    • Money and Securities Coverage – protects against loss of currency and other negotiable instruments on and off your premises, as well as loss due to counterfeit money and bad checks.
    • Vicarious Liability – for physicians who sign your immunization protocols

DMEPOS Surety Bond
  • Mercer (formerly known as Marsh), CPhA’s insurance broker, can assist CPhA members in obtaining surety bonds required by Medicare for members who sell durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies.  
  • All suppliers that furnish such items or services must comply with the quality standards in order to receive Medicare Part B payments and to retain a supplier billing number.
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Workers’ Compensation Program
  • Among the lowest Workers’ Compensation premiums available which lowers members day to day operating expenses.
  • Members receive additional premium discounts with Preferred Employers, an “A” rated carrier, through a Merit Rating Program for smaller pharmacies.  
  • Loss control visits with experts from Preferred Employers help improve pharmacy operations. 
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Health Savings Accounts
  • HSA’s combined with qualified High Deductible Health Plans continue to assist members in reducing their health insurance premiums. 
  • In 2013, members can contribute up to $3,250 with individual coverage and $6,450 with family coverage to an HSA.
  • Members age 55-64 are able to add an additional contribution of $1,000.
  • Contributions are federally tax deductible. Funds can be accessed for medical expenses at any time.
  • Unused funds roll over each year.
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Medical Insurance
  • Members used the services of Mercer (formerly known as Marsh) to:
    • obtain HR guidance on group benefits at no additional charge through Mercer Select
    • restructure their health plans to generate savings
    • offer multiple options for employees to help provide choice and reduce premium expenses
    • established high deductible health plans for owners to reduce premium expense

Homeowners and Auto
  • Discounts are available to all CPhA members on their individual homeowners, renters and automobile insurance polices.
  • The sponsored program is underwritten by Liberty Mutual.
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Long Term Care Program
  • Members receive a discount of 5% on premiums for Long Term Care policies through select insurers.
  • Help protect your hard earned assets.
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Employment Practices Liability Program
  • Choice of limits of  $500,000 or $1,000,000.
  • Protects members from employment related claims for wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination.
  • Includes defense costs as well as losses insured is obligated to pay.
  • Provides defense only assistance with ADA claims.
  • On-line employee and manager training.
  • 800 number for labor attorney advice included at no additional charge.
  • Includes third party liability.
  • Low minimum premium
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Pharmacist Professional Liability Insurance
  • As a pharmacist, this policy protects you in the event of an error or omission in the practice of pharmacy for all procedures approved by the California Board of Pharmacy as long as you have received the proper training and/or certification required and you are acting within the scope of practice.
  • Coverage is available up to $2 million per incident, $4 million annual aggregate.
  • Provides important professional liability protection for members who need to protect their own interests, whether they’re self-employed or working as an employed pharmacist.
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Student Professional Liability Insurance
  • Student members of CPhA receive professional liability insurance as part of their membership. Contact CPhA for details.

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